Recycled Waste

From 2007 onwards, Gauri Ketkar has implemented the concept of Zero garbage at her home. She recycles each and every waste article / object and puts it to a constructive use.

She has achieved this by implementing the following :

  • Kitchen waste is recycled to make manure which is then used in pots for self use and the excess quantity is happily lapped up by others who are guaranteed of good quality organic manure
  • Waste paper is recycled for papier-mache work
  • Cardboard boxes and other stiff surface paper boards are recycled in paper craft
  • Old newspapers and magazines are used to make paper bags as well as other objects such as small furniture items
  • Plastic bags are recycled to into making objects such as pillows, cushions and so on...
  • Dried fruit and vegetable waste is recycled to make natural colours